JCONLY Epoch Wireless Tattoo Machine represents a significant innovation in the field of tattoo artistry. This wireless tattoo machine is not just a tool but a catalyst for breaking traditional creative boundaries. We are committed to providing tattoo artists with a new creative experience, empowering them to unleash their creative potential through its advanced design and outstanding performance.

Unique Features Overview: Innovation in the Digital Age

  1. Smart LED Screen: The Epoch Wireless Tattoo Machine is equipped with a vibrant LED screen, allowing users to customize various modes conveniently, making personalized creations more intuitive.

  2. Adjustable Stroke Length: Offering seven adjustable stroke lengths, providing tattoo artists with unprecedented flexibility to handle various detailing and shading needs.

  3. Aerospace Aluminum Construction: Crafted from high-quality aerospace aluminum alloy, it offers excellent hand feel and ergonomic design, effectively reducing hand fatigue, allowing artists to immerse themselves in extended creative sessions.

  4. Smart Needle Depth Adjustment: The innovative Click-Grip needle depth adjustment system allows for quick and precise needle depth adjustments, enhancing precision and efficiency during tattooing.

wireless tattoo machine

Significance of Innovative Design

JCONLY's Epoch Wireless Tattoo Machine redefines the creative standard in tattoo artistry. Its vivid LED screen adds more inspiration to the creative process, while the 360-degree rotating battery design makes mode adjustments more convenient. Through seven adjustable stroke lengths, artists can delve deeper into the three-dimensional and layered aspects of their work.

Assurance of Superior Quality

At JCONLY, we are dedicated to excellence. Every Epoch Wireless Tattoo Machine undergoes rigorous quality control and testing to ensure its outstanding performance and reliability. From its premium materials to innovative design features, our tattoo pens exemplify our steadfast commitment to craftsmanship.

Outstanding Performance

The versatility and precision of the Epoch Wireless Tattoo Machine empower artists to break through creative limitations. With customizable Liner/Shader modes and intuitive voltage and frequency adjustments, artists can effortlessly achieve the effects they desire. While the battery life can reach 8-10 hours, regular charging ensures continuous operation.

wireless tattoo machine

Unleashing Infinite Creative Possibilities

The Epoch Wireless Tattoo Machine is not just a tool but a creative companion. Through its advanced design and powerful performance, it helps artists create unique and complex tattoo artworks. This wireless tattoo machine plays an irreplaceable role in promoting artistic expression, serving as a capable assistant in the pursuit of excellence.

wireless tattoo machine

Validation through Practical Application

Tattoo artists worldwide have highly praised the performance of JCONLY's Epoch Wireless Tattoo Machine in actual tattooing processes. Its outstanding performance provides them with greater creative space and a more enriching creative experience.

wireless tattoo machine


JCONLY's Epoch Wireless Tattoo Machine represents the future of tattoo artistry. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a budding artist, our machine will be a powerful ally on your creative journey.

Experience the future of tattoo artistry with JCONLY's Epoch Wireless Tattoo Machine. Visit our official website now to explore the limitless possibilities this innovative device brings.

wireless tattoo machine

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