In the realm of tattoo artistry, tattoo artists often invest considerable thought into carefully selecting the right tattoo cartridge needles. This choice directly impacts the details, lines, and final outcome of a tattoo. Here's a comprehensive guide to assist tattoo artists in mastering this crucial tool.

1.Cartridge Needle Types

When selecting cartridge needles, the first consideration is the type of needle. The tattoo industry commonly recognizes four main types: Round Liner (RL), Round Shader (RS), Curved Magnum (CM), and Magnum (M1). Each type has its unique characteristics, suitable for different tattoo styles and techniques. Round Liner needles are suitable for creating clear lines and intricate fonts, while Round Shader needles are ideal for soft lines and detailed shading effects. Curved Magnum needles are apt for subtle shading in portraits and realistic tattoos, and Magnum needles excel in color filling and executing tribal designs. When choosing, consider your tattoo style and skill to ensure you select the most suitable type.

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2. Cartridge Needle Sizes

Beyond types, tattoo artists need to consider the size of the needle. The sizes of the cartridge needles directly influences detail and precision. Typically, smaller-sized needles are suitable for more intricate work, such as lines and details, while larger-sized needles are ideal for color filling and large-area shading.

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3. Sharpness of Cartridge Needles

The sharpness of cartridge needles is crucial for tattoo precision. Sharp needles penetrate the skin better, providing more accurate tattoo results. Choosing needles with high sharpness aids tattoo artists in better controlling lines and shapes, ensuring the quality of the final artwork.

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4. Flexibility of Cartridge Needles

Tattoo artists often face different tattoo tasks and client demands, making the flexibility of cartridge needles an important consideration. Some cartridge needles are designed for multifunctionality, suitable for various tattoo types, from line work to color filling, providing tattoo artists with more choices.

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5. Quality and Hygiene of Cartridge Needles

Quality and hygiene are paramount considerations when choosing cartridge needles. High-quality needles typically use stainless steel material, ensuring sharpness and durability. Additionally, tattoo artists need to ensure needles are for single-use to guarantee hygiene and prevent the spread of infections.

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Among the cartridge needles available, we highly recommend JCONLY Vetar Tattoo Cartridge Needles. These cartridge needles are not only crafted with exquisite precision but also utilize high-quality medical-grade PC material and Japanese standard medical stainless steel needles, ensuring safety and durability.

Their user-friendly design, including an open needle head, ergonomic anti-skid grip, and concave back for finger comfort, provides a comfortable grip for extended tattoo sessions. Moreover, JCONLY Vetar cartridge needles feature a no-ink-dump design, ensuring large ink storage and uniform discharge.

In terms of safety, JCONLY cartridge needles include a membrane to prevent ink backflow and an inner stabilizer for additional machine protection. All needles are sterilized and packaged in a sterile environment with E.O. Gas, ensuring hygiene and asepsis.

JCONLY Vetar Tattoo Cartridge Needles are available in various sizes, catering to different tattoo styles, and are compatible with most tattoo machines. Each box contains 20 pieces, distinguished by the JCONLY logo on the back of the needle shell, symbolizing high quality and outstanding performance.

Visit our official website to discover more about JCONLY Vetar Tattoo Cartridge Needles, providing precise tools to support your tattoo creations.

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