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JCONLY EPOCH Wireless Pen Machine Professional Bundle 2 Batteries (Silver)


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Color: Silver

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  • 7 Strokes Adjustable: With 7 adjustable stroke lengths 2.4mm, 2.7mm, 3.0mm, 3.3mm, 3.6mm, 3.9mm, and 4.2mm, the pen caters to a wide array of tattoo styles. Choose your strokes effortlessly to suit your preferences.
  • Extended Battery: Comes with two rechargeable 2000mAh batteries, each offering 5-6 hours of power. Features dual Power Modes for wireless and RCA modes. Switch to RCA mode to use when batteries are low, ensuring a long time uninterrupted operation.
  • Precision Control: Equipped with custom-designed hollow-cup motors and high-quality gear systems, ensuring stable and low-noise operation, providing you with an exceptional user experience, and achieving efficient, smooth, and precise tattooing.
  • Use Comfortably: Designed with an ergonomic grip, the Epoch pen reduces hand fatigue for a more comfortable tattooing experience. Plus, the parts are easy to disassemble for cleaning and maintenance later on.
  • Versatile Features: With its color Smart Display, you can effortlessly monitor voltage, Hertz, battery life, and usage time. Additionally, this machine features a jump start function, 360-degree battery positioning, and fixed line and shader mode, making it ideal for artistic creations.


    Colorful smart LED screen

    • Material: Space Aluminum• Operating modes: L/S mode (Liner=L mode/Shader=S mode)  

    • Working Voltage : 4-12V, 0.1V voltage increase or decrease adjustment  

    • Hertz:0-200Hz

    • Recommended Volts and Hz:5V-53Hz|6V-87Hz|7V-102Hz|8V-116Hz|9V-131Hz|10V-145Hz|11V-160Hz|12V-175Hz  

    • Each battery works for 5-6 hours when 4 hours fully charged

    • Jump Start Volt: 9V, 0.2 Seconds

    • Battery Type: Rechargeable Battery, 360-Positioning of the Battery

    • With 2 rechargeable battery 2000mAh

    • Adjustable Stroke: 2.4MM|2.7MM|3.0MM|3.3MM|3.6MM|3.9MM|4.2MM  

    • Grip Size: 34MM, Click-Grip Needle Depth Adjustment  

    • Motor: Custom Coreless Motor  

    • Size: 144MM X 34MM

    • Weight: 267g with Battery / 224g without Battery

    • Packages: 
    1 JCONLY Epoch Wireless Pen Machine
    2 Rechargeable 2000mAh Batteries
    4 JCONLY Cartridge Needles (10pcs/box) 0603RL 0803RL 1003RL 1005RLL
    2 Black Bandages (5cm)
    1 Practice Skin
    1 Ink Cups (100pcs)
    1 Pen Machine Bag


    Please use the original USB-C charging cable

    Don't over 200Hz please, you can customize your tattoo mode (volts and Hz)


    12 months from the purchasing date 


    JCONLY Epoch Wireless Pen Manual

    JCONLY Vetar Cartridge Needle Manual


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