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JCONLY cartridge needles

JCONLY is an outstanding market leader in innovation, and over the years, the JCONLY brand team has been working with tattoo artists of various styles to continuously develop and improve to improve the quality and safety of tattoos. One of the continuous research and development is tattoo needles, and now they have launched the latest generation of tattoo needles.

Model Introduction

JCONLY Vetar cartridge needles are available in various sizes to accommodate various tattoo styles, and they are compatible with most tattoo machines on the market. We have also launched different combinations of models and quantities to facilitate everyone’s experience.Additionally, they feature the unique JCONLY logo on the back of the needle case for better identification.

JCONLY cartridge needles

SIZE 20PCS (20pcs per box)

1.Round Liner 

2.Round Shader 

3.Curved Magnum 


5.Stipple shader bugpin 3X3 : Specially designed with 3 groups of 3RL for dot shading. It can improve the efficiency of dot shading.

6.Value experience package:10 of the most commonly used cartridges in a box ! 2 Pcs of each configuration.

SIZE 50PCS (10pcs per box, 5 boxes in total)

1.MIXED 1 : RL mixed(#06 #08 #10 #12) 

2.MIXED 2: RL mixed(#10)
3.MIXED 3: CM mixed(#10)

SIZE 100PCS (10pcs per box, 10 boxes in total)

1.MIXED 4: RL RS CM mixed(#08 #10 #12)


JCONLY Vetar cartridge needles are made of Japanese standard medical stainless steel, with sharp and neatly arranged needle tips. The medical-grade PC shell is safer than PVC. The shape of the needle cartridges is designed according to artificial mechanics for comfortable grip. Complete sizes to meet a variety of tattoo styles, matches most tattoo machines on the market.

 JCONLY cartridge needles

Excellent Performance

Let's continue to learn more about the new generation of tattoo cartridge needles and see what are its advantages?

It's up to you to try these popular styles!


*JCONLY Vetar cartridge needles are constructed with top-quality medical grade PC material and Japanese standard medical stainless steel needles, ensuring both safety and durability.


*Features an open needle with convenience and user-friendliness in mind.

*Ergonomic and comfortable grip and anti-slip strips, concave back for enhanced finger comfort and effortless tattooing.


*The round liner needle has a funnel-shaped design that allows for large ink storage and uniform ink discharge without ink jetting.

*Safety membrane design, prevent ink from flowing back, better protect your tattoo machine.

*The system is equipped with a silicone safety membrane to reduce ink splash from passing through to the tube or tattoo machine.


*All the needle production and assembly are carried out in the aseptic workshop, and are packaged after disinfection and sterilization.

*These tattoo needles are sterilized and packaged in a sterile environment and then further sterilized using E.O. Gas. 

JCONLY VETAR Cartridge Needles are designed with the comfort of the tattoo artist in mind while pursuing detail and refinement. Through continuous testing and improvement,  strive to achieve the perfect state. Because of it’s safe, stable and high quality, JCONLY Vetar cartridge needles are perfect for tattoo artists to use whether you are an experienced tattoo artist, or a tattoo lovers with no experience.

JCONLY cartridge needles


tattoo artworks


The brand concept of JCONLY is "INNOVATION ONLY FOR TATTOOING". For years they have been dedicated to develop quality tattoo products to help tattoo artists to show their own value and talent on tattooing, so as to create outstanding works. One of the most remarkable is JCONLY vetar needle cartridges.

JCONLY means "Innovation Only for Tattooing" We believe in tattooing art, and highly respect the soul and work of artists , so that they can be more confidence and show charm of tattoo creation under the most comfortable conditions. We think quality is king and it always shines . Through the communication with the world-class tattoo masters, our team has seen the requirements of the first-class tattoo artists for the tattoo products . Therefore, we are more determined to produce high-end tattoo products. 

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