Jconly tattoo cartridges have been well received by many artists in the past time. Today I want to show you how well our cartridges perform in real life.

1.Create with jconly cartridges

In this video you can carefully see the excellent performance of jconly ink cartridges in actual use.From our collaborative artist @ti_redart from Vietnam


2.jconly cartridge usage reviews

Jconly cartridges are sturdy and rubber-free. The surface is designed with anti-slip texture.

The inside of the ink cartridge is uniquely designed so that ink will not splash and leak.


3.tattoo Work display

Creative artist Jehoo has 11 years of experience in thinline tattoos, every work is vivid. In this video @sad_amish_tattooer will use JCONLY VETAR cartridges 0803RLL for thinline tattoo.


4.Create with jconly cartridges

With JCONLY Tattoo Needles, we achieve the highest level of precision and professional tattooing' said by Ted Bartnik Pro Team Artist @ted2.official from Germany with JCONLY Vetar Cardriges.


Written by ChenYuri

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