JCONLY VETAR Tattoo Cartridge Needles Mixed Sizes Sample Box


MEDICAL MATERIAL - JCONLY Vetar needle cartridges are constructed with top-quality medical grade PC material and Japanese standard medical stainless steel needles, ensuring both safety and durability.

COMFORTABLE TO USE - The needle shell has been meticulously designed with convenience and user-friendliness in mind, featuring an open needle header, an ergonomic and comfortable grip with anti-skid strips, a concave back for enhanced finger comfort, and effortless tattooing.

SMOOTH INK FLOW - The round liner needle has a funnel-shaped design that allows for large ink storage and uniform ink discharge without ink jetting. Meanwhile, the RL and Magnum needles have tips that are specifically crafted to improve ink flow and storage.

SAFETY PRIORITY - JCONLY tattoo needles incorporate a membrane that prevents ink backflow, as well as an inner stabilizer design, providing extra protection for the tattoo machine. These tattoo needles are sterilized and packaged in a sterile environment and then further sterilized using E.O. Gas.

MULTIPLE SIZES AVALIABLE - JCONLY Vetar cartridges are available in various sizes to accommodate various tattoo styles, and they are compatible with most tattoo machines on the market. Additionally, they have a distinctive JCONLY logo on the back of the needle shell for better identification. Packaged with 20 PCS per box.

SAMPLE BOX - Offer you different configurations, help all tattoo artists choose the one which works best for tattoo style. 10 of the most commonly used cartridges in a box ! 2 Pcs of each configuration.

SAMPLE 2 - 1003RLL 1005RLL 1007RLL 1009RLL 1207RSL 1209MGL 1207CML 1209CML 1211CML 1215CML

SAMPLE 3 - 0803RLL 1003RLL 1005RLL 1007RLL 1207RLL 1209RSL 1009CML 1207CML 1209CML 1215CML