JCONLY PRADO Tattoo Pen Machine

Color: Black


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JCONLY PRADO Tattoo Pen Machine was designed by JCONLY Team for professiontal tattoo artists. PRADO Tattoo
Pen boasts with high-quality material and powerful motor. 

Low vibration and reduced heat generation have been achieved through the high-technology motor. We have improved
the cam at the same time. The integrated CAM includes 3.5mm eccentric wheels and precision bearings, which make the
perfect combination for tattoo working!     

--- JCONLY PRADO Tattoo Pen Machine

✱ Stroke is 3.5mm(0.14 inch), speed is 10000 rpm/min
✱ Custom quality coreless motor maximum working power 10V
✱ Perfect for shading and lining. Low vibration and volume
✱ Aluminum alloy material, one-piece carved
✱ Ergonomic long grip design make it comfortable to grap
✱ Run continuously, durable and lightweight
✱ All-in-one tool solution for all tattooing needs
✱ Packages: 1pcs machine pen /1pcs RCA clip cord /1pcs manual