We're excited to showcase the incredible talent of our sponsored tattoo artists from the US. These artists have creativity, skill, and passion, enriching the tattooing community with their unique perspectives.

1.Pedro Lopes

Pedro Lopes, a realism style tattoo artist, was born and raised in Brazil, now living and working in Los Angeles CA. Pedro started tattooing when he was 14 and became a professional tattoo artist around 2008. Since 2014, he specialized in hyper realistic tattoos black and gray & color.

He had been invited to many tattoo conventions in 2023, and won many awards. He plans to hold seminars in the United States and Brazil which are expected to have up to 50 people.

"I'm always studying new techniques to do my best for my clients." Pedro said.

tattoo artworks
tattoo artworks




Meet Bror, the talented tattoo artist known for his mastery in creating realistic tattoos. As the artist and co-owner of Stefano’s Tattoo FL, Bror brings his passion for art and precision to every piece he creates.

With his exceptional skills and attention to detail, he transforms ideas into stunning, lifelike tattoos that captivate the eye and stir the soul. Whether it's portraits, wildlife, or intricate scenes, Bror's work reflects his commitment to excellence and his dedication to his craft.

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3.Cassidy Teal


Cassidy Teal is an award-winning artist that travels the U.S. tattooing at a variety of shows and tattoo conventions. She is the owner of My Style Cosmetic Salon in Ogden, UT.

Cassidy has been in the tattoo industry just over 10 years and has made it her passion to train and educate other women to be successful in the world of tattooing.

She has experience with many different styles of tattooing, but colorwork and illustrative bold line tattooing is her favorite.

Let's continue to check out her outstanding tattoo works.

tattoo artworkstattoo artworks
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