Interview with Jconly Pro-team Artist

If you ask us where our brand philosophy and value are, we must say all is for greater art. JCONLY means "Innovation Only for Tattooing" We believe in tattooing art, and highly respect the soul and work of artists , so that they can be more confident and show charm of tattoo creation under the most comfortable conditions.

We think quality is king and it always shines. Through the communication with the world-class tattoo masters, our team has seen the requirements of the first-class tattoo artists for the tattoo products. Therefore, we are more determined to produce high-end tattoo products. 

Now we have maintained a cooperative relationship with many excellent tattoo artists. In order to let you feel the high-quality products of jconly more truly, let us take a look at the evaluation of jconly by excellent tattoo artists!

"Jconly vetar cartridge needles contribute to my work with precision and quality since they have a great capacity for work and excellent quality," Alex said.





tattoo works



"Jconly cartridge needles give the ink to the leather very easily. line needles create quality single lines. The cartridge needles do what you want very comfortably like a pen. The shadow needles are very efficient in realistic work. "





tattoo works



"I use a wide range of needles, and the Jconly cartridge needles are very high quality, and bring me comfort and efficiency in my work."





tattoo works



"At the moment I’ve been doing a lot of dot work, the 3rl and 5rl. The reservoir holds ink pretty well, 17curbed mag is great for color but also gives me soft grays for realism. So far I’d say great product!".





tattoo works



I believe you now have an understanding of Jconly's products! Anyone who has used our products will definitely leave a good review, which is our confidence in the quality of Jconly cartridge needles.

Welcome to our website to learn more about our products: JCONLY cartridge needles


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