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More and more artists have used Jconly tattoo cartridges, and we also hope that more and more people can hear the most authentic comments from tattoo artists. So in July we held a review event for jconly tattoo needles.

First of all, we congratulate the winners who left high-quality comments!




Don't be sad for the artists who didn't win! We regularly post our new events on ins! At the same time, we will also update the information on the website synchronously!

Many artists have left their views on Jconly 3rl tattoo needles in the comment section of the official ins.

Let's read on!

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I love jconly needles! It differs by its high quality when it comes to introducing the ink without damaging the skin, compared to any other brand of needles! my favorite is without a doubt the 0803RL, it leaves a very clean and precise finite line!!

0803 and 1003 are my favourites 

0803RL best for fine & ghost line
very sure! I stopped using brands of needles that I had been using for years when I tried the jconly needles, I don't want any other type of needles for tattooing!!

JCONLY Cartridge Needles


My favorite 0803rl -3rl

the 1003rl and the 0803rl are perfect for creating delicate and well-worked lines as well as for the application of details in micro-realism tattoos, they are excellent.

1003rl Because it's so versatile.

1003rl great for nice thin linework that’s solid looking yet thin enough still to do small details ooor be used for smaller pieces with lots of lines.
My favorite catridges are 1203. It’s amazing

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