The jconly brand has launched a new wireless pen:Jconly glax wireless machine.

integrated wireless design, get rid of cumbersome connecting wires, and give you the most freedom in the creative process.

In this blog, I will take you through the new wireless pen. If you have any questions about this, please leave a message in the comment area!

GLAX Wireless Tattoo Pen Machine

First I will introduce the parameters of the Jconly glax tattoo pen to you:


black or red



Working time:

7-8 hours (fully charged)



Battery capacity:


Operating voltage:



custom coreless motor

Motor speed:



1pcs machine pen

2pcs rechargeable battery

1pcs charger cable

1pcs USB C Type cable

Embrace the wireless pen and create your masterpiece

  1. Wireless operation, more powerful, without any complicated parts. Giving you maximum freedom of movement.
  1. As a wireless tattoo pen machine, it is equipped with a high-end power pack. The JCONLY GLAX Cordless Tattoo Pen Machine offers a rechargeable battery that starts with a simple button.
  1. Jump start function (reach 9V in 2 seconds) and built-in memory function.
  1. Input double charging protection, output short circuit protection. Give you the safest use experience.


Do you have any other questions and suggestions about JCONLY GLAX wireless tattoo pen machine? Don't be embarrassed to leave a message, we will answer your questions immediately.

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