JCONLY ANTER Tattoo Pen Machine

Color: Black

Innovation can create a masterpiece, JCONLY ANTER Tattoo Pen Machine is the ideal device for lining and shading
and the good choice for tattoo artists. RELON Tattoo Pen Machine is light weight and low vibrations, the precision
and accuracy of a pen-style machine as well as unmatched versatility.

Low vibration and reduced heat generation have been achieved through the high-technology motor.We have improved
the cam at the same time. The integrated CAM includes 3.5mm eccentric wheels and precision bearings, which make
the perfect combination for tattoo working!

---JCONLY RELON Tattoo Pen Machine   

✱ Stroke is 3.5mm(0.14 inch), speed is 9000 rpm/min
✱ Maximum woking voltage not exceed 10V
✱ Powered by quality custom motor
✱ Sleek, light weight pen tattoo machine
✱ Low vibration and volume
✱ Long grip easy to rotate and adjust needles depth
✱ One-piece carved,compatible with most cartridges
✱ No wear, no abnormal noise when working
✱ Good balance between lines and shading
✱ Packages: 1pcs machine pen/ 1pcs RCA clip cord /1pcs manual